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Update: Reading schedule is full through the summer. Check back this fall, or email Lisa if you want to be notified when the schedule opens.

All readings are in English.

To order a reading, you'll need your date, time and location of birth. You can usually find the time on your birth certificate or hospital certificate, as most hospitals record this information. You'll also need an email address and the ability to make a payment online.

When using the reading request form please be sure to enter your email address correctly so that Lisa can contact you. As always, email Lisa if you have questions or concerns about scheduling a reading.

Payment Details
Natal readings are $39.95 for 30 minutes. Once your reading is scheduled to be recorded, you will receive an email invoice (usually within 1-3 weeks of confirming your order). All payments are securely processed through paypal prior to the reading being recorded and sent to you. You do not have to have a paypal account to complete your payment. You will have the option of simply paying with a credit card through paypal.

You will receive an email confirming your order. Readings are usually recorded 1-3 weeks after your order is confirmed.

You will receive an invoice about 2 days before your reading is scheduled to be recorded. The reading will be recorded once payment is received.

Once your reading is ready, you will received an email with a link to download it. Visit the FAQs for more detail on payment.

Natal Reading
A natal chart is cast using the time, date and location of birth and shows everything you bring into this life time. This chart is seen as a painting of your past lives, and the beliefs that you devloped in those lives. Click here for more information.

Live Reading
After you have received a natal reading, you can contact Lisa to arrange for live discussion of your chart via Skype. Once you have scheduled the reading, you will receive an invoice for payment.


Each year, a Karmic Astrology reading is the gift that I give myself for my birthday! While I have always enjoyed readings done by mediums and psychics, Lisa's astrological readings effect me on a much deeper level; they help me to see the themes of my life by sharpening my focus on the underlying messages of my experiences.   -Pamela

Lisa's reading gave me the clarity I had been seeking. She's remarkable.   -Richard

I was blown away. Things I had never really thought about made sense for me. I left the reading feeling more empowered than I had in a very long time about where my life was headed. -Dana

Lisa's readings have helped me to understand so much about myself. I never knew there was so much to Astrology. -Maggie

Lisa is sensitive and gentle with the truth.   -Darla

You hit the nail on the head more than I thought you would. -Joe

From Lisa: I have provided more than a thousand readings (both in person and via the web). I have had a few clients over the years that initially felt that some of the information I provided was not relevant to them, and in every case the client contacted me later and shared that they had just not been ready to hear the information during the reading. Every one of those clients wanted at least one additional reading. Many referrals came from these clients. While I cannot make any specific promises about the content of my readings I can promise you this: my intention is to offer you information that will help you, and I will do my best to give you a reading that is meaningful to you.

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